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Irving Rivera is a user experience designer and for the last 4+ years, he has been working directly with small business owners, startup founders and Fortune 500 companies — helping them achieve their business goals by providing his expertise and technical prowess to create delightful customer experiences. Irving’s leadership skills and passion enables him to hit the ground running in any organization or against any design challenge.

He thrives inside cross-functional teams composed of visual designers, product owners, and engineers working under a multidisciplinary agile and lean-approach. …

Okay, so before we start this presentation I want to give you a little bit of background about why I choose this topic — and how it can be useful to you. Because I hate that kind of presentations were the speakers just talk about themselves or their favorite sales and marketing topic. Without giving us any kind of actionable and practical advice.

Keeping this in mind I decided to share with you my own personal workflow as a professional designer — using the framework of the factory tour.

Now the first question that everybody always asked is… (What is…

Before I start this reading this, let me propose the following. Let’s all try to forget everything we think and know about design and its value (ROI). And let’s address this question on first principles with the added benefit of living in today’s date — an age when we have the world’s information at our fingertips. So, imagining that today is day zero. How would you go about addressing this topic?

Well, let me suggest that the first thing we need to do is to understand if we are even asking the right question.

Let’s start with the Dunning Kruger effect and if the picture didn’t give it away already. This means believing that you’re overqualified for the duties and responsibilities of your position. Thinking that you are better than what you really are.

However, if you are like me the best way to learn new ideas is by understanding their opposite concept. So the best way to understand the Dunning Kruger effect is by presenting the imposter syndrome. is a marketplace that connects potential clinical trials volunteers to medical researchers with just one-click.

However, we didn’t always have such a clear vision or polish product. In fact, this all started by winning the Startup Weekend Fort Worth 2014 Competition. In this case study, I will tell you our full story about our humble beginnings, successes, and failures using the jobs-to-be-done framework.


Back in 2014, after 5+ years of active duty service with the United States Army — I decided that I was ready for a career change. …

BabyBin is a subscription-based eCommerce website for essential baby products.


We started our domain research by exploring our target market of millennials mothers. Discovering that becoming a new mom is a lifestyle change that drastically alters a woman’s habits in both digital and retail spaces. Representing a market opportunity of $13,127 — annually.

DealRoom is a virtual data room designed to automate the M&A process.

This case study is about the second UX client assignment from the DESIGNATION program. The challenge presented by our client DealRoom was to conduct a human-computer interaction study to determine the users’ (investment bankers) unmet needs for a data room dashboard.

Given these conditions, the team decided to use an HCD approach to define the users’ needs.


The most interesting part of working on this project was that we started with the work of a previous group. This group of designers conducted the initial domain research by…

Together is an iPad application to help parents raise healthier kids.

The second UX/UI assignment from the DESIGNATION program is a team project in the realm of fitness. The challenge for this project is to create a digital product that reimagines how people can adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Given these conditions, the team decided to explore the kids’ health and fitness market resulting in the development of Together — a native iOS application for the iPad.

Together focuses on helping families establish the healthy habit of cooking together as a family for a healthier lifestyle by given them…

LocalGuide is an iPhone application that helps vacationers explore the city when they have an open window of time outside their preplanned travel schedule.

The first UX/UI assignment from the DESIGNATION program is an individual assignment in the realm of tourism. The challenge for this project is to create a digital product that provides information and recommendations about where people can go when traveling and what to see in different cities around the world. Given these conditions, I decided to explore the use case of a business traveler.

LocalGuide helps the opportunistic business traveler discover great travel experiences near their…

Yoghurt Shoppe is a 45 years old organic yogurt producer entering the online retail space.

The advance track UX/UI assignment from the DESIGNATION program is an individual brand building exercise. The challenge for this project is to create a digital eCommerce site given the following restrictions:

  • The copy and content are not provided
  • The only visual assets that can be used are the 12 images provided
  • The brand must feel new, fresh, and represent the spirit and longevity of a 45 years old business

Given these conditions, I decided to explore a purchasing and checkout process based on the flavors…

Irving Rivera

Interaction Designer currently @TCS, previously @HWildCatters, @designationio, @USArmy, @uprm | #CX #HCI #IA #IxD #UCD #UI #UX

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